For Trip Leaders

Welcome Trip Leaders!

First, check out these great quantity discounts IVP is offering for my book, After the Trip, Unpacking Your Crosscultural Experience(If you haven’t read the book, check out the video clip to the right on WHY I wrote the book. 

Also, please use this page to share your own experiences with the book for the benefit of our fellow trip leaders

What worked well? What didn’t?…

  • If your team members are part of one church or school, did you meet for multiple sessions afterwards to discuss the material? Were team members faithful to attend? What impacts did you observe?
  • If you are an educator, did you hold a post-trip course for integrating the experience? Was it mandatory or optional? What did you observe?
  • Did you use the discussion questions in a particularly useful way or add to them?
  • What could others learn (pro or con) from your experience and takeaways?

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