Cory Trenda has spent over 35 years with one foot firmly planted among the world’s poorest and the other firmly planted among the world’s richest. Traveling into the midst of human suffering and poverty, then going weeks without seeing a poor person in his normal daily surroundings, Cory began writing about his struggles to live as a Christ-follower, integrating his global experiences into his understanding of Jesus’ life and message. His first book, Reflections From Afar is an invitation for readers to glimpse the world through the eyes of the poor and oppressed, and to incorporate those perspectives into our daily lives—renewed, encouraged, and rejoicing in our shared humanity.

The sudden death of his father at age 40 of an undetected and potentially familial brain aneurysm caused Cory to reassess the goals and purpose of his life during his late-20’s. So, in 1982 Cory left a budding career at IBM and has spent the past 35 years working with international charities focused primarily on poverty reduction. Today, he helps lead World Vision’s Innovation Fund and serves major contributors in reducing extreme poverty around the globe. He has traveled to visit projects in scores of countries.

Cory lives and works in Orange County, California, where he serves World Vision and its contributors who fund poverty alleviation programs around the globe. He has traveled with donors to visit these projects in numerous developing countries.

Cory and his wife, Janet, have two grown children and five grandchildren.  He enjoys playing blues on his melodica, swimming, and singing barbershop harmony.


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