Would you join the Launch Team for my new book?!

I’m humbled and excited by the response to my soon-to-be-released book, After the Trip: Unpacking Your Crosscultural Experience. Click the link to see the great cover art and the strong endorsements it has already received (under Reviews).

I’m creating a Launch Team and would love to have you on it! My publisher, InterVarsity Press, is allowing me to share advance copies with up to 150 people to help spread the word! Here’s what you’d receive and what I need from you:

How You Can Help Me!
–Write a short review of the book on Amazon.com and give the book a high star rating.  Amazon reviews are incredibly helpful for people who are looking at the book and the more reviews there are the better.  (Amazon likes lots of reviews). It would be ideal if you could post the review sometime during early July (Launch Week is July 3rd – 10th).
–Tell your friends and followers online by posting about the book once the book releases. In your place of influence (blog, group, ministry, club, website), we’d love for you to blog or write about the book! We can provide memes and quote graphics to help with this.

What You Will Get as Part of the Team!
–A sneak peek!  Be one of the first people to read the book in advance of when it releases to the general public.  I’ll send you a PDF of the book in early June once you say “YES” to my invitation, so you’ll have a full month to read it (128 pages).
–A free copy of the print edition of the book will be sent to you by my publisher once the book releases. (I hope you’ll share one with a missions pastor or trip leader!)

I hope you’ll join me in giving this book a running start. If you can help, I’d be very grateful. Please reply or click “Count Me In!” below and I’ll confirm shortly.

PS: If you’d like to know more about why I wrote the book… see the short message I’ve recorded for Trip Leaders at right. Some two million Americans take missions or service trips each year. Most of them WANT the experience to be “life-changing”, but they don’t know how. And studies have consistently shown this almost NEVER happens! The missing ingredient is what happens after the trip: it’s what we do with those experiences after we’re back that actually changes us, as we weave those one-time experiences into our ongoing lives.  The book is designed to help readers “integrate” their crosscultural experiences, so their lives actually ARE changed.
I hope you’ll help me—so we can change this reality and see lives transformed!

2 thoughts on “Would you join the Launch Team for my new book?!

  1. Cory, Count me in! I enjoyed and appreciated using your stuff with the group we took to Tanzania. I am looking forward to this latest book! Blessings, Doug Taylor

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