Brief Meditation for Maundy Thursday 2011: Tonight’s the Night!

Last year on Maundy Thursday, I waited at a traffic light behind a florist delivery truck. On the back of the truck was wording that reminded readers:
Why send flowers?
– To say I love you.
– Get well soon.
– Tonight’s the night!

“Tonight’s the night”? Wow–that can mean all sorts of things.

Yet it was the perfect sentiment for Maundy Thursday. We reserve the term “Night of Nights” for Christmas Eve, yet tonight was the night of Jesus’ passion,
Of his voluntary death on our behalf,
The night when he sealed his pact of ultimate obedience with the Father,
The night he instituted the Eucharistic feast,
The night of his final and fatal spurning by the religious authorities…

a night without sleep
a night without Light
…it was the “Night to End the Night.”

So send flowers. At least send prayers of solicitous thanks and humility.

Tonight’s the Night!


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