What is Eaten in One Week around the World

What is Eaten in One Week around the World
Friends, Here’s a different sort of entry without comment… the photos and captions say a mouthful. See this link from a seminarian’s blog (whom I don’t know at all nor endorse) who has these powerful photos and captions posted… http://approachingnorth.blogspot.com/2008/02/what-is-eaten-in-one-week-around-world_25.html
I hope you’ll take a moment to study them carefully & prayerfully. In light of the current global food crisis, it’s important to note that those who are eating the least will be the most negatively impacted and least able to afford higher prices for basic commodities.
Finally, please be in prayer this week for the G8 Summit, as the leaders of the wealthy nations discuss global issues, and how they spend their time can have a major impact on “the least of these our brothers and sisters.” See the prayer request below for more… Cory
Dear colleagues, The leaders of the world’s wealthiest nations – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK and USA – will be gathering in Hokkaido-Toyako, Japan for the annual G8 meeting beginning next week. The decisions taken between 7-9 July will impact the lives of the most vulnerable people on our planet – those whom World Vision is serving every day – and the actions taken could mean life or death for thousands of children. Therefore, I am calling on the whole World Vision Partnership to join together to pray that the outcome of these meetings will benefit the poor. In particular, pray that the G8 leaders: * Provide a detailed timetable with annual targets to show how they plan to meet their 2005 aid commitments to developing countries; * Support health in developing countries with long-term funding for health systems so the world has a chance of achieving the Millennium Development Goals for health, especially maternal and child health, HIV and AIDS, education and water and sanitation; * Come up with the funding they promised to give to reduce the number of children infected with HIV as a result of mother-to-child transmission and to protect children who have lost their loved ones to AIDS; * Take urgent action to tackle climate change in a way that will benefit the poor. * Act quickly and decisively in response to increased hunger and undernutrition, especially among children, due to the rise in global food prices.

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